Hiroyuki Asada

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee

Vol.1: Letter and Letter Bee
Vol.2: The Letter to Jiggy Pepper
Vol.3: Meeting Sylvette Suede
Vol. 4: A Letter Full of Lies 
Vol. 5: The Man Who Could Not Become Spirit
Vol. 6: The Lighthouse in the Wasteland
Vol. 7: Blue Notes Blues
Vol. 8: Light Shining Upon Darkness
Vol. 9: The Dead Letter Office
Vol. 10: The Shining Eye
Vol. 11: A Bee's Bag
Vol. 12: Child of Light
Vol. 13: A District Called Kagerou
Vol. 14: A Letter From Mother
Vol. 15: To the Little People
Vol. 16: Wuthering Heights
Vol. 17: Late Hire Chico
Vol. 18: To Those Dear To Me
Vol. 19:  coming Jun '16
Vol. 20: finale volume to come

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